Very Cool Stuff!

FixaFungus Toenail Fungus Treatment was recommended by a friend so I got it to try it out to clear up some fungus I think I probably got at the gym I work at. It came in the mail pretty quick and I followed the instructions. Before the end of the month, my toe was looking much better and by the second month it was pretty much all clear. Very cool stuff. Definitely recommended.

Jeff L. – West Covina, CA.

Finally getting rid of toenail fungus!

I have had toe fungus on a few toes on my left foot for years and never could seem to get rid of it. After using this stuff I didn’t notice any real difference for about 3 weeks but then I could see where the new nail was coming out and it was ok. I am going to keep using it for awhile to make sure it doesn’t get infected again but I am really looking forward to getting rid of this for good.

Frank M. – Tulsa, OK.

It Works for Diabetics Too!

I am a diabetic and have had fungus on my toenails for years and nothing I used seemed to work. My doctor told me I should get them lasered, which I couldn’t afford on my fixed income, or take Lamisil, which I didn’t want because my liver isn’t strong. Otherwise, he said they would have to operate to remove the nail and I really didn’t want that. I saw the Fixafungus website with the guarantee and all so I ordered a 3 package deal and began using it. Well, it really worked for me. The smaller toes I saw start to grow out within a few weeks but it has taken longer with my big toes, which I trim up every week. I was hoping they would grow out faster but I can see it working on them and I reordered to keep at it till they are completely clear.


Tom D. – Elizabethtown, KY.

I Can’t Wait to Buy Sandals This Summer!

My boyfriend gave me an ugly fungus on my toe just before I went to get my pedicure for summer. I thought OMG my awesome new sandals are totally ruined! And I was desperately looking around on the net for something that would really work. The 2 stage thing made sense to me like in the salon so I got it and put the treatment on every day for a month and it was almost gone. Thanks fixafungus! Now I just need to get some for my B/F.

Aileen S. – Smyrna, GA.

It Worked Even When Store-Bought Brands Didn’t!

My husband had really bad toenail fungus for years and none of the store brands we bought did anything. I got the FixaFungus three month supply for him and within a few weeks we could see it beginning to work, even on his big toe, which was pretty bad. We kept using it for several months and all his toes cleared up except the big toe, which was about half clear. So I reordered for another month and now I don’t worry about catching it from him every night when we go to bed.

Maria E. - Gainsville, Fl.


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