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Dear Nail Fungus Sufferer,

It’s not something you want to talk about… the embarrassment when you take off your shoes, revealing grotesque yellow toenails… the pain that your distorted toenail causes when you walk or exercise… the concern that you might give it to your family… or that jagged flaky fingernail that has been bothering you. Onychomycosis, commonly called Toenail Fungus, is nasty stuff, plain and simple.

And that’s why you are here – because you want a proven, easy-to-use nail fungus treatment that actually works. FixaFungus has the answer:

ToeNail Fungus Treatment

  • Kills nail fungus naturally – safe and fast
  • Doesn’t require a doctor’s visit or prescription
  • For use on fingers or toes
  • A complete everything-you-need-in-a-box treatment to get clear nails again
  • Softens the nail so that the antifungal drug can reach the infected tissue
  • Uses a broad spectrum multi-class compound of the most powerful antifungals
  • Kills the fungus using synergistically different pathways and ensures it can’t become resistant to the treatment
  • Can see results in just a few weeks
  • Eliminates even the most stubborn fungus, even one you have had for years
  • Doesn’t harm your liver like oral treatments
  • Special “no mess” brush package for easy & sanitary application

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If you have tried other topical treatments, either from the internet or from the pharmacy store, you know that they rarely work. The major reason is that their products do not get underneath the nail where the infection is and often they only use a single (cheap) antifungal drug.

FixaFungus Treats even the worst toenail fungus

FixaFungus Targets the Nail Bed Using a Patented Knockout Punch of Two Specially Designed Medicines that Work Together to Eliminate Toenail Fungus at the Source!

The first medicine in FixaFungus’ “Nail Fungus Battle Plan” is Keratrate™, a specialized proprietary enzyme solution that makes the keratin fibers in the nail itself more pliable and soft. This is akin to loosening up a tightly knotted rope – everything becomes more flexible and free so that the potent fungus-crushing medicine can go through the nail get right to the source.

The second medicine is our patent-pending Fungicillin™, a one-of-a-kind multi-fungal treatment that targets the fungus and destroys it – even the newest drug-resistant strains that other creams and ointments can’t treat!

Together, this “dynamic duo” of fungus-fighting medicine works to soften the hard nail plate so that the antifungal Fungicillin™ can more readily absorb into the soft tissue where the infection hides. You see…

Your Nails are a Nearly Impenetrable Fortress

That’s actually one of their best features. It protects you from disease, infection and a host of other problems. Your nails are made of keratin, the same stuff that’s in a rhinoceros horn – so you know it’s tough. Your hair is made of keratin too, but with fingernails and toenails, the keratin “fibers” are woven more tightly together.

What this means is that it’s hard for germs to get in. But that also means it’s hard for most antifungal treatments to work too.

In fact, those expensive prescription treatments and over-the-counter medicines only contain one kind of antifungal treatment – and they only work on the surface of the nail.

The truth is…

Most Types of Nail Fungus Thrive Deep Within The Soft, Warm Tissue of Your Nail Bed – Where Creams and Ointments Can’t Reach!

And if that’s not bad enough, there are dozens of kinds of fungus that can infect your nails. Why invest in a medicine that only treats one kind – and then only if you’re “lucky” enough to have it on the edge of your nail?

What Makes FixaFungus Different?

Before FixaFungus, the only way to truly treat nail fungus was to pay $1,500 to $2,000 or more to a podiatrist to use a specially designed laser to blast away the offending spores or to get a prescription for an oral drug that can actually damage your liver. Even then, there was no guarantee your hands or feet wouldn’t get re-infected – especially if you tend to hang out in warm, moist areas like locker room showers, gyms, and pools where fungus thrives.

Can You Really Afford to put your health at risk or Throw That Kind of Money at a Stupid Microscopic Organism?

Absolutely not – and that’s why drug companies make their over-the-counter medicines relatively cheap. $20 here…$30 a month later… you may not know it, but they’re slowly siphoning away your cash without giving you any kind of safeguards to not only treat the infection at the source, but also prevent it from coming back.

“That’s all very fine” you say, “but where is the proof that it works?”

Topical Medicine and International Health

Combined Medicines in Fungicillin Result in Over 80% Cure Rate

A study by Syed, T.A., et al. published in the European research journal Tropical Medicine and International Health conclusively demonstrated that several of the components of FixaFungus antifungal treatment, when combined had obtained a mycological cure rate of 80% after 16 weeks of treatment.



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It Works for Diabetics Too!

I am a diabetic and have had fungus on my toenails for years and nothing I used seemed to work. My doctor told me I should get them lasered, which I couldn’t afford on my fixed income, or take Lamisil, which I didn’t want because my liver isn’t strong. Otherwise, he said they would have to operate to remove the nail and I really didn’t want that. I saw the Fixafungus website with the guarantee and all so I ordered a 3 package deal and began using it. Well, it really worked for me. The smaller toes I saw start to grow out within a few weeks but it has taken longer with my big toes, which I trim up every week. I was hoping they would grow out faster but I can see it working on them and I reordered to keep at it till they are completely clear.


Tom D. – Elizabethtown, KY.

It Worked Even When Store-Bought Brands Didn’t!

My husband had really bad toenail fungus for years and none of the store brands we bought did anything. I got the FixaFungus three month supply for him and within a few weeks we could see it beginning to work, even on his big toe, which was pretty bad. We kept using it for several months and all his toes cleared up except the big toe, which was about half clear. So I reordered for another month and now I don’t worry about catching it from him every night when we go to bed.

Maria E. - Gainsville, Fl.

I Can’t Wait to Buy Sandals This Summer!

My boyfriend gave me an ugly fungus on my toe just before I went to get my pedicure for summer. I thought OMG my awesome new sandals are totally ruined! And I was desperately looking around on the net for something that would really work. The 2 stage thing made sense to me like in the salon so I got it and put the treatment on every day for a month and it was almost gone. Thanks fixafungus! Now I just need to get some for my B/F.

Aileen S. – Smyrna, GA.